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Are You Ready To Begin Building Your Legacy?


Powur is a revolutionary new company launching in the direct sales industry that promises to disrupt and decentralize the largest industry on planet earth, Energy. By participating in this massive transfer of wealth, individuals have the chance for unprecedented global impact and income. Powur could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for to leave your legacy, make a lasting difference, and build the life of your dreams. For more information, visit >> Powur <<

Team Success

Our team takes great pride in seeing YOU succeed on a daily basis. Become a part of the greatest team you'll ever find online and become part of our family.

Perfect For Everyone

Even if you’ve never owned a business before, as a member of our team you will have our complete support right from day one! Morning, noon or night, if you need us… we’re there. ALWAYS! I look forward to welcoming you to the family.

Are You Ready?

We're going to take your marketing knowledge and blast it through the internet marketing stratosphere!

I'll teach you everything

Inside this very site you’ll get access to every tool, all the training and the exact opportunities we personally use to create a highly successful and lucrative home business.

Amazing Results

Imagine your life if everyday was stress free, like living a holiday but... you made more in a single day than you used to in a month.

Create A Legacy Today!

You’ll find EVERYTHING you need insides this website. The SECRET, is to have me send you ALL the information!

Get A Heavy Dose Of Inspiration

The #1 success tip I can give you… Begin each and every day by first feeding your body and mind before reaching for that phone of yours, checking your e-mail, reading Facebook or working on anything else! We’ll get into it inside this website under the training tab but for now I want you to listen to the following audio. I will give you access to ALL of my training audios, videos, free eBooks and recommended books.

Inspiration 95%
Motivation 85%
Dedication 90%
Determination 95%
Concentration 90%

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What People Are Saying

Steve…I have nothing but a huge THANK YOU for being the person you are and reminding people like me that even tho life seems to persist on kicking my A$$…it can be beaten. Thank you for you positive words and your excellent videos!
Steven…You are doing amazing and I will pray for you continually. I have been ‘going through’ something for awhile now and watching your videos really encourages me. You ‘give information’ but you do it in a way that is light and makes people laugh…it is so entertaining.
Sherry Higdon, meet me on Facebook
Visiting your page here (again) today after receiving your e mail….so much value, love, humor, real messaging going on… you should feel like a million bucks with your beautiful family & all the amazing skills you possess!!!!! p.s….can I pitch a tent on your property & learn hands on????
Leslie Rousseau, meet me on Facebook
OKAY – You my friend are just amazing – your marketing skills are something I aspire to your (GREATNESS) love ll you pictures. are you doing those yourself or having someone. p.s. love your YouTube channel – Have a great day.

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